Club Orpheus

We Aren't Your Average Night Club

                  CLUB ORPHEUS 

Club Orpheus is one of Baltimore's oldest and wildest clubs for underground  music and dance parties.

We're an 18+ club... 21+ to drink...

Dance to a mesmerizing light show with video projectors, lasers and strobes. Enjoy an upstairs lounge and balcony which overlook a central dance floor.

Club Orpheus hosts 'themed' monthly events on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the month (see below). Plus, special 'one-off' events for every month that has a 5th Friday or Saturday.

NOTE: All current info and schedules are found on FaceBook ONLY.  CLICK on the logo below to go there.

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For Band or Group Bookings @ Club Orpheus:

WHERE: Club Orpheus is located in downtown Baltimore at 1003 E. Pratt Street, situated on the edge of Little Italy, just 4 blocks east of the National Aquarium and Harbor Place.

COVER: $6 if 21 or older. $8 if 18 or older. (NOTE: Subject to change on special theme nights, and special performers)

    * Natty Boh - $2
    * Budweiser and Miller Lite $3
    * Flavored premium Vodka shots $3

NO backpacks or large purses, or weapons of any kind. Shirts or tops are required. Pants MUST be worn above hips. Backpacks can be coat checked.

PARKING, BUS or Other:


Most of East Pratt Street (0-3 blocks, before S. Central Avenue. There are still bus stops and other No Parking areas to observe.)
Most of Cranby Street (1-3 blocks away, parallel to East Pratt)
Most of East Lombard (2-4 blocks away, before S. Central Avenue)
Most side streets in Little Italy (we're part of Little Italy)
FREE Bus (Circulator) every 15 mins passes right by the club


There's a parking garage @ Pratt and President Street (3 Blocks away - West)
There's a parking garage in Little Italy @ 400 S Central Ave (Just $3) (3 blocks away - South)
- OR - Just park at Inner Harbor parking (Also on Pratt. 4-5 blocks away)