Club Orpheus

We Aren't Your Average Night Club

The Nights

Club Orpheus hosts 'themed' monthly events on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the month (see below). Plus, special 'one-off' events for every month that has a 5th Friday or Saturday. For a more detailed schedule, CLICK below:

NOTE: All current info and schedules are found on FaceBook ONLY.  CLICK on the link below to go there. 


1st FRI  - First Friday Fetish Night

    * Music: Industrial, New Wave, 80's, Goth, Trance

1st SAT - PAWZ - A 'Furry' Rave Night
    * Music: Trance, Hardcore, Hardstyle, DnB, Dub Step

    * MUSIC : House, Acid, Acid House, Hard House, Breaks, DnB
    * FEATURING : Terry Mullan, B-morebill & more.....

2nd FRI  - OBSCURA - A Night for the Goth at Heart

    * Music: Goth, Deathrock, Neo-Medieval, Darkwave, Neo-Folk, Ethereal

2nd SAT - BoP Sessions - Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Night
    * Music: Dub Step, Electro, DnB, Trance, Hardcore, Hardstyle...etc. All EDM

3rd FRI   - N-CODE - Videogaming & Dance Party Night

    * Music: Trance, Industrial, Hardcore, Hardstyle, DnB, Dub Step

3rd SAT - Nu FUSION - Underground Band Showcase

    * Music: Punk, Metal, Synth, Electro...etc. varies upon the bands performing

4th FRI  - TOXIC - Rivethead Stompfest
    * Music: Industrial, Industiral Metal, Nu Metal, Goth, New wave

4th SAT - TOKYO SHOCK - A Japanese Themed Dance & Fashion Night
    * Music: Japanese Dance, Rock, and Pop music, Industrial, Hardstyle, Hardcore

5th FRI  - Special Event (TBA)
5th SAT - Special Event (TBA)